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Need to accurately and efficiently manage when, where, and how your employees report hours? Maybe it’s time for a new solution that can help you save time, money, and improve compliance. 

Our time and labor management solution provides complete automation and high-quality data that can help you better manage a diverse workforce while controlling labor costs and lowering your compliance risk. It can help you streamline processes associated with the completion of payroll while helping you comply with ever-changing labor laws. 

Plus, our industry-leading workforce management platform from UKG (formerly Kronos) provides an exceptional user experience for your employees. Our team handles the build out and upkeep of the system so your team does not need to spend their valuable time managing it.


  • Employee scheduling 
  • Time off requests 
  • Flexible pay rules 
  • Job costing, expense tracking 
  • Auto-populated holidays 
  • Basic and advanced scheduling 
  • Flexible accruals management 
  • Custom reporting and analytics 
  • Mobile access 
  • Cloud based 
  • Desktop 
  • Smart phone 
  • Smart tablet 
  • Multiple hardware options 
  • Time clock integration 
  • Barcode 
  • Magnetic stripe 
  • Proximity and biometric units 
  • Facial recognition punching 
  • Mobile 
  • Off-site data collection 

Streamline labor management processes and leverage data to control labor costs with a fully automated system.

Fully Automated Time & Labor Management

Customize workflows and gain insights into labor trends to help control labor costs. Plus, it’s available to everyone on any device.

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Using facial recognition, make clocking in and out an easy one-step process reducing queues, employee frustration, and finally eliminate ‘buddy-punching.’

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Payroll & Tax Administration

We perform all daily payroll functions, handle the system builds and upkeep, and monitor and provide solutions for the ever-changing labor laws, regulations, and compliance issues including ACA.

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HR Technology

Streamline your processes and automate manual tasks across the HR spectrum via a single, unified platform with our industry-leading technology from UKG (formerly Kronos).

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Human Resources Outsourcing

Leverage an experienced HR partner for all of your workforce management needs, including benefit administration, worker's compensation, and compliance.

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Ready to have less administrative work?

We can help tailor a program that makes sense for your unique business and your budget.